Social Media Site Entirely Under your Control

Before today I had not realized that I had a powerful social media site completely at my command. I am sure you also have similar resource. It is this very blog!

Social site is a place which gives people chance to interact with one another. The blog perfectly fills this definition.

You have full control over the content and message you wish to share with others. And it could be in any media – text, audio, video.

Similarly your visitors also have a chance to express their views by writing in comment box. In fact even without going to the comment box they have a chance of sharing their opinion by using buttons such as “like”, “tweet”, “G+” and many others.


Your visitors have the option of subscribing for your blog posts. You can display how many number of “likes”, “tweets”, subscribers are there.

You also have control over the comments want to keep. Normally there is provision in the system for filtering out spam messages. If you do not wish to keep any message you can remove them manually.

All the advantages you have with your blog are obvious. You are not bound by any rules except your own. There is no one to curb your creativity so long as you remain in legal framework.

No one is going to ban your content on the grounds that it is “commercial” or “inappropriate”.

You have full control on the size of your content, number of categories you make or number of pages you create.

It is your choice what features you want to add to your bog or keep it simple. You can display your banners and other material for advertisement, or lease out your space for ads by external agencies.

The very structure of the blog makes it highly flexible. You can display a list of your old contents, monthly contents, popular contents, similar contents. You can decide which other pages you wish to display on your main page.

There are so many possibilities with different blog designs and plug-ins.

And you can have your blog with many features hosted free of cost if you so desire. It is however always advisable to have the blog with your domain name hosted on your site.

There is a suggestion from Sonia Simone of that we should not call it a blog at all. We should give it a respectable name. I entirely agree with this suggestion, though it never occurred to me earlier.

Now I am in the process of naming my blog. I am toying with the idea of naming it “My Idea Bank” (bank is mine; ideas are mostly borrowed). (Many of the ideas of this post are borrowed from that article.)

Another name I have in mind is “My Score Card”. This name seems to be more realistic because it actually records my performance scores – articles published, comments received, syndications done, “likes” and “tweets” received.

There is also a plug-in in this blog that records number of visitors, page views, spiders and feeds and many other details. I mean to say the name “My Score Card” seems to be good because it gives me so many indications of my performance.

If you have not named your blog, sorry your content library, you might consider making it more personalized by giving it a name.

I would welcome any ideas you may like to share with me and with other visitors.

Sanjay Johari

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